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Lee Waterhouse - General Manager

General Manager

Lee Waterhouse

A little about me

Formally an Electrician before embarking on a Real Estate Career back in 2007, Lee has led the growth of Property Central from its humble beginnings as a RE/MAX Franchisee in 06 to be the number 1 real estate business in the greater Penrith area today. A keen property investor himself he understands what is important to his clients and ensures his team focussed accordingly.


Nicole Waterhouse

A little about me

In Real Estate since the day she left school and actively involved in property management for 35 years, as well as being a property investor herself, its fair to say there is nothing Nicole has not seen in the property management space. With a keen eye for detail and a compulsive attitude toward ensuring we get it right for our clients, you could not feel more confident with anyone else leading the team managing your valuable asset!

Team Leader

Erin Higgins

A little about me

Giving us another 16 years of property management experience, Erin is the Team Leader. Erin’s wealth of knowledge and experience allow her to assist and guide our Property Management Team ensuring they have the tools and resources to provide our clients the very best service at all times.

Anthony Carroll - Property Manager

Property Manager

Anthony Carroll

A little about me

The Fixer! Anthony’s been in property management since 1992, so he too has seen just about everything. A great communicator and problem solver, Anthony’s role in the business is to ably assist the Property Managers with their respective portfolios and add his wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure we can deal with any of those sticky situations that can arise from time to time. He’s our allrounder!

Property Manager

Elizabeth Higgins

A little about me

Joining Property Central from another large property management business, Liz has become a popular member of the team. Prior to managing her own portfolio Liz set new records for low vacancy rates as our Leasing manager. The current portfolio Liz manages consistently has the lowest arrears numbers you will see, and her owners could not be happier with how she manages their investment.

Jane Skuratowski - Leasing Manager

Property Manager

Jane Skuratowski

A little about me

Where did you grow up? – Silverdale
When did you start in real estate? – 2014
What’s your proudest moment? – Bringing my daughter Aubrey into this world and watching her grow into a smart and inquisitive little girl.
What inspires you? –  My goals for the future, my partner, walking through nature.
Hobbies & interests? – Netball, piano, hiking, spending quality time with my family.


Property Manager

Narelle Medak

A little about me

Where did you grow up? – South Penrith
When did you start in real estate? – 2015
What’s your proudest moment? – Having my children
What inspires you? –  My family
Hobbies & interests? – Travel, swimming, spending time with family and friends.


Property Manager

Janina Gerdov

A little about me

Where did you grow up? – Silverdale
When did you start in real estate? – February 2011
What’s your proudest moment? – Having and raising my two children alongside my husband
What inspires you? –  Being able to provide a happy life and lots of wonderful memories with my family
Hobbies & interests? – Spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, travelling

Property Management Concierge

Carmen Agius

A little about me

Where did you grow up? – Horsley Park
When did you start in real estate? – 2013
What’s your proudest moment? – My two boys
What inspires you? –  My Hard working, caring and kind parents
Hobbies & interests? – Movies, socialising with friends and family, travel

Property Officer to Janina Gerdov & Elizabeth Higgins

Ashleigh McAdam

A little about me

Where did you grow up? Penrith

When did you start in real estate? 2023

What’s your proudest moment? Hiking the Dolomites in Italy.

What inspires you?  My partner Philip.

Hobbies & interests?  Travelling, hiking, music and animals. 

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