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Let us be your secret rental agent…..​

4 ways we can help you whilst you’re on the journey to purchase the ideal investment property.

Our dedicated investor specialist Taylah works closely with investors who are looking to purchase an investment property. She’ll be in your corner to help you with insider knowledge like:

Unbiased Rental Appraisals

Regardless of the agency you’re looking to purchase through, I’m able to give you a fast, free, independent rental appraisal of the property you’re looking to purchase. This rental appraisal will take into consideration comparable properties but also the current tenant demand in the area. Supply and demand is important to consider in determining the price the property will actually lease for in the current given market.

Education on Tenant Demand and Demographics

As above we will provide advice on the demand we currently have from tenants registered with our agency who would be ready to rent a property like the one you’re considering – giving you some insights on how fast you will be able to secure a tenant. We can also provide insights as to the type of tenants looking in the area – specific to the type of property you’re interested in, i.e. families vs professionals, pets or no pets, preferences of those tenants.

Advice on improvements and changes to properties to make them more desirable to renters

Sometimes you may find a hidden gem of a property that needs a bit of TLC before renting it out, we can provide you with advice and guidance on the types of amenities and features that tenants are demanding in a rental property to ensure your putting the renovation/improvement  focus in the right place.

Discussion around rental returns both for the immediate future and long term goals

Whilst much of the discussions are around what the property will rent for right now, there is often a lot of opportunity in the future possible rental value of the property as the area continues to develop, grow and improve. We ensure we work with our clients closely over the years to continually improve upon rents year after year.

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Meet Our Investment Property Specialist

Taylah Wilson - Property Investment Specialist

Property Investment Specialist

Taylah Wilson

A little about me

There is every chance Taylah will be one of the first people you will encounter at Property Central. Responsible for new business and a smooth start to your Property Central journey, Taylah is knowledgeable, and full of personality. She has worked in all areas of property management from leasing to managing her own portfolio for the past 4 years, she has a broad range of knowledge and is an excellent communicator!

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Purchasing An Investment Property

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